Lamplinc lockups and base address loss!

I have about 13 Lamplinc 2000STW3 modules, and after a power outage (even a very short glitch in service) at least half of the modules lose thier base address or lock up with the attached lamp on at full brightness and will not respond to PLC commands. Anyone else experiencing these instabilities after a power glitch? It is very annoying and time consuming to reprogram the modules. I sent a email to Smarthome tech support and hope for some resolve. I asked them if the Lamplinc V2 modules are more stable after a power outage, and would they exchange the 2000STW3 for V2's .

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I experience at least one power blip per day.

Every so often one of my lamplincs will lose it's memory - but the light does not come on.

Sometimes I can immediately reprogram the unit, and sometimes it wants to rest a few hours before it's ready to accept programming. It's a minor annoyance in my installation.

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I have been using one 2000STW since they were introduced. In that time it has lost it's address twice. It doesn't seem to be the power outage that causes it problems but momentary blips like the power stuttering as it comes on after an outage. In any event, I think it's a design flaw that should have been fixed. It sounds like you have abnormally dirty power.

For me it has been a m>I have about 13 Lamplinc 2000STW3 modules, and after a power outage

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