IEC vs F-Connector vs BNC plugs

I am trying to distribute FM/TV/Sat signal throughout my house and have stumbled on the decision of which socket to stick in every room. The signals will be arriving in different rooms combined and via a single RG6 cable. I will then be using an external triplex de-combiner. The de-combiner will plug into the RG6 wall socket.

However I have not managed to find much info on the advantages/disadvantages of each of the above (IEC = Normal TV out, F-Connector, BNC) plug types (which will be the wall socket).

Anyone out there who can help/enlighten?

thanks in advance.

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I would suggest using F for the reason of standarization. Easy to terminate, widely available and compatible with off-the-shelf cables. Likely much more understandable for any future user/buyer of your home.

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Dandelion Acres

I second that recommendation. Also, spend the money on a snap-n-seal tool and get a bag of the indoor connectors.

widely available and compatible with off-the-shelf

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