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Does anyone know of a source for the full HomeSeer 1.7 setup. I did an in-situ MB upgrade on the automation PC today and HomeSeer is looking for an MSI file that was part of the last web upgrade. Of course the download was cleaned up many months ago. HS no longer hosts the file, so I'm waiting for the link to get the full download.

But if someone knows where I can get the download in the meantime?

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Bill Stock
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You can still download Homeseer 1.7. But you have to be registered user: From their website:

" HomeSeer v1.7 The full v1.7 download is available to any licensed v1.x user. Simply submit a help desk request which includes your v1.x unlock code and serial number, and well send you a link to the file."

It looks ;like many users upgraded to new 2.X and now want back 1.7, self included.

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I strongly suspected this would be the case, so I've been holding back on upgrading. Thanks for pointing this out.

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Of course at the end of this year, they solve the problem of people who won't upgrade by abandoning them. The updater is disabled so you can't get downloads, as best I can tell from the announcements.

Better grab copies of everything you might ever want while they are still available.

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Brian W. Antoine

1.7 wasn't great but 2.0 sucked. I just stopped fiddling with the Homeseer crap entirely. Once the boating season wraps up I'm going to revisit using CQC. Homeseer just completely dropped the ball with their ill-designed 2.0 series.
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