So I've got a car (2004) with Homelink. I want to be able to use it to turn on and off my Outdoor Lights at home, thats outside lights normally operated by a wall switch, not a garage door opener or a light on it, don't have a garage. What do I need to by or need to do?

What equipment is or can be made compatible? Preferably without major installations or over the top solutions to switch just one wall plate switch?

A simple question I'm sure but to a newbie its not clear.

I have no home automation what so ever (yet).


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The simplest thing is to use X-10. It's the most widely used and therefore tends to cost least. I recommend...

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#1 receives the RF signal from your HomeLink and sends codes via the powerline to #3. You'll need #2 to train your HomeLink. There are instructions on HomeLink's web site.

You can buy less expensive X-10 switches but the >So I've got a car (2004) with Homelink. I want to be able to use it to turn

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