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Greetings, A buddy of mine is building a home and wants to install an integrated security/surveillance/entertainment /information network. The only issue is that he's NOT tech savvy. Ideally, I'm thinking along the lines of wireless tablet PC where he could control his home theatre, watch his security cameras, surf the net, control lighting, etc. Is this blue sky or are there products like this available? What about the AMX MVP-8400? Any recommendations and/or consultants in the Phx area would be greatly appreciated.


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Mark Atanovich
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Can do although now that easy. AMX and Crestron sell high end systems. How much money does your friend have for this????

Alternatives are Homeseer with Mainlobby and some Viewsonic Airpanels. Your friend needs to set his budget first...

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Anything under six figures is doable.

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