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I hope someone can help clearify an issue regarding T1 service and analog devices on a customer premise.

I have several physical locations that require both Internet access and voice access.

These locations also have analogue devices we "read" once a day to gather information.

For example, time clock devices, fuel dispenser measurement devices, and plain old fax machines.

I have talked to several service providers regarding the purchase of T1 service for several of these locations and have gotten rather confused.

Please let me know if my understanding sound right to you????

Integrated T1 comes in several flavors:

1) Fixed t1 or patial t1 where all channels are dedicated to voice (not really integrated)

2) Fixed number of channels dedicated to voice and the remaining bandwidth dedicated to Intenet access

3) Dynamically allocated T1 where all channels and bandwidth is dedicated to internet access untill people begin to use voice/analogue devices. Then voice gets bandwidth and the internet access is decreased

4) VOIP over a T1 with bandwidth allocated as in number 3 above.

My question is can an analogue device be used with all the above configurations?

I think analogue devices can only be used with items 1 and 2 above is this correct?? Any assistance would be appreciatted??

ome service provider say I have to buy copper pairs from the incumbent telco??

Thank You, Greg

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It entirely depends on what sort of signal your analogue device puts out. I would think that these days the most sensible thing to do would be to find some boxes to put next to your analogue devices that convert their signals to digital samples, then send those like any other data.

R's, John

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John L

John, Thank You!

Can you give me an idea of what the name of box as you reference is called?? Adapter?

Even with a box as you suggest, would it work with a dynamicall allocated T1?

Thanks again, Greg

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