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Art Todesco
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Having a hard time finding indoor and outdoor X10 motion sensors that are reliable and not prone to false triggering. I have tried the eagleyes and the hawkeys and have been disappointed. Any suggestions on brand or model number that is reliable.

Also have been thinking of using a regular burglar alarm PIR and have it hardwired to an X10 module that would initiate the transmission. Is there a hardwired plug in module that could handle all house codes and maybe 16 channels.? I would use the PIR to trigger one channel but would need 16 inputs.I know X10 has relay output modules that can control sprinklers etc but is there the opposite, a module with relay inputs?


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That would work except I need upto 16 channels and all house codes.

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Hi there...

For whatever it's worth, I just wanted to let you know that I use 4 Hawkeyes/Eagle Eyes in my house.

In my office, when I walk in, the lights go on. When I exit, they close after 5 minutes

I have one in my front foyer/vestibule. It turns on the light when it's dark. Also for about 5 minutes.

I also have two more in closets, which trigger X-10 screw-in modules.

I have never, ever had any problems with any of these units.

And believe me, I have had X-10 problems!

....just me $.02 worth!

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Michael G.

I understand an outfit called Elk makes better stuff.


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