computer DVR for home security cameras

I have 4 security cameras that I use at home with a multiplexor. I wanted to setup a computer based DVR so I could monitor the cameras remotely and record longer lengths of time. I've been looking at the geovision 600 card. Has anyone had any experience with this card or any other add on DVR card for security cameras?

I've heard that the software can me buggy and a general pain to use. If you've set this up, i'd like to hear about it.

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Owen Martin
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I tried quite a few. In my oppinion, the Geovision products are the best bang for the buck.

Jim H.

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James Himmelman

I'm using a GV-600 w/ no complaints. I downloaded the last version of the software v6.1 that doesn't use a dongle. The software can be a bit quirky installing and there are problems using it with VIA chipset motherboards. You'll need Direct-X 9.0 installed prior to installing the software. But once installed, the software has been trouble free.


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