Buying X-10 - Distribution or Direct

An age old question, but what do you think?

I can buy X-10 products direct from the manufacturer (, or buy them through a reseller (Radio Shack or the countless online web retailers).

Where do you buy them and why? Aside of the pop-up ads that bombards you with, what are you thoughts of buying directly?

Clyde G.

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Buy wherever is cheapest and has best support.

That being said, most of the serious home automation users here wouldn't be caught dead with X10 brand. There are so many better X10 compatible manufacturers, more features, better quality, higher reliability. X10 brand (and the equivalent OEM variations) are really the bottom of the barrel when it comes to X10 compatible devices.

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Well X-10 was just an example.

What does a distributor bring that direct sales dont?

Does a distributor bring better support?

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