ZoneAlarm not starting at bootup

I have a new Compact Presario laptop with SP2. I would like to use Zonealarm but find that even though it's in the startup (from doing a configsys), it's not being booted up. MS Firewall is up and I can't seem to turn it off in security center. I heard it is not wise to have both firewalls up at the same time, and I prefer ZoneAlarm. What can I do to make sure that Zonealarm boots up automatically?


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What exactly is in the startup but not being booted up? The firewall, or the desktop manager / tooltray applet? The firewall is running many times even when the tooltray applet isn't.

What exactly do you see in configsys that tells you that ZA isn't running? What exactly is "configsys" anyway?

What message / problem do you see when trying to turn off the MS Firewall?

Try running Process Explorer (free) from , and see what processes are running.

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