Weakness in found most filtering software!!!!

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>> >> > >> >> >> >> >> >> I just premiered a new show on my station, the "Morning Playhouse", aimed >> >> at New Zealand and Australian (my station operates out of Australia) >> >> listeners >> >> getting ready to start the workday, and while I wont have the full >> >> statistics >> >> until tommorrow, I can say that there were a LOT of Australia and NZ >> >> workplaces connected during my show today. So the new morning show >> >> on my station appears to be a popular way to start the workday. >> >> >> >> Becuase my station is an Australian station, advocating things like >> >> proxies >> >> and other measures to evade blocking and/or monitoring is NOT illegal >> >> and it NOT unethical. >> > >> > Advocating breaking company policy is always unethical, doesn't matter >> > what country. >> >> What I am doing is not against the law in Australia. It is neither illegal >> for >> me to give the information to those who want it, nor is it illegal, under >> Australian law, to use it, as long as they are not breaking any company >> passwords to do so. > > Actually, Violation of Company Policy can get anyone fired, illegal or > not, it's company policy that rules. The person that follows your > unethical suggestions could be fired and then come back on you and your > unethical suggestions for liability damages...

Actually, the only thing I have up right now is how to download and use Tor. After Robin Hood Software, the maker of Evidence Eliminator, began "product activation" to tie one copy of the program to one machine, I pulled down anything about Evidence Eliminator. I will not advocate using any program from any software company that tries to rob you anytime you get a new machine. I regard product activation and tying one copy to one machine as outright highway robbery, and will not advocate the use of such products.

And besides, I have one other trick up my sleeve that is company secret, but I can say that it fools most filtering software into allowing my station through, when the rest of Live 365 is blocked. I have seen more connections from workplaces all over the place, and my total listener hours (TLH) nearly triple since we started doing this. I tested this by sumbitting the IP currently assigned to me by Live 365, so the various "test a site" pages, and found that after we invoked this trick, that IP was no longer on the blocked list, when every other Live 365 IP was blocked. That is another reason I took down most of my information about circumventing company filtering and monitoring, becuase my trick that my techs discovered now allows my station to be heard in most workplaces that use category-based filtering systems (like most companies do), even when the rest of Live 365 is blocked. Becuase there is no proxies or anonymity services needed, it wont be as noticable in the logs. Since it would be in the "allowed" list of the filtering software, corporate network admins, like you, will hardly notice.

If you are using any category-based filtering system in your workplace, you very likely have the same weakness which will allow my station to be heard without the need to hide what they are doing. When this propgates worldwide, I can say that this will become the WORST NIGHTMARE of corporate network admins worldwide, as they try and figure out how to stop what my techies have done, once they discover that my station is getting past their filtering software.

>> >> And contrary to what Bogwitch thinks, all this stuff about willfully >> destroying evidence ONLY applies, just like in the U.S., if a >> police investigation is launched, and you are aware of it at the >> time you launch programs like Evidence Blaster, Evidence >> Eliminator, Killdisk, etc. If there is no active police investigation, >> then the all those laws regarding destroying evidence DO NOT >> APPLY. So using Evidence Eliminator is not illegal, as long as >> you are not aware of any active criminal investigations against you, >> and as long as you do not break any password to do so. > > Actually, even in Oz, the employer can fire the person for just about > any reason, and violating company rules/policy can and certainly does > get people fired. > > So, keep trying to tell people that your unethical ways are proper, that > their breaking company policy is OK, and you'll soon be reading about > people that were fired for abusing the company resources like we see

Listening to web radio is NOT abusing company resources. You need to ligthen up on that.

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