TZ170 - Enable Rapid E-Mail Attachment Filtering

"Enable Rapid E-Mail Attachment Filtering - Select this feature to automatically block the most prevalent e-mail viruses on the current Rapid E-mail Attachment Block List."

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Tom Del Rosso
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That would depend on the context. If found on a configuration screen, I would assume there would be either radio buttons or checkboxes. If the former, yes; if the latter, no.

Based on the text alone, I would say no, due to the word "Enable". If it had been an exclusive choice, the word "Use" would have been better. Then again, instructions for these things seem to be written by people with neither technical nor English language skills[1], so it's hard to be certain.

[1]: Malapropos the original post, but I find the Symantec Gateway Security devices to have an interface that surely must confuse new user. One example is "Special Applications" (port triggering). What's called "Redirect to Port(s)" on the configuration screen and "Incoming Port(s)" on the help screen are neither. That's the outgoing trigger ports. How are users supposed to figure this out?


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