Transparent (bridge) firewall

For political reasons I'm stuck needing a firewall appliance I can put between our router and our network. But I need to not have to change the NAT address of the router (, nor the gateway of the client PC's.

Any recommendations for a firewall appliance that will operate at the hardware layer, or something along those lines? I guess I'm looking for pure packet inspection without VPN, DHCP, etc.

Suggestions? Ideas?

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R Gardner
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A machine with two or more ethernet ports running OpenBSD, for the cost of a PC. OpenBSD is highly regarded for security and stability. The integrated PF packet filter is very configurable. The documentation is decent, and there is a book by Jacek Artymiak specifically addressing the subject of firewalls on OpenBSD.

If you go with the bridge configuration, you will have to either use a third interface to administer the firewall or do everything from the console.

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George Pontis

FireBox 1000 will do it, but they're are not cheap. You can run it in drop-in mode, set the subnet on each side and you're good to go.

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Sonicwalls can be bridged. They do have all thge other features (dhcp, vpn, etc) but you can simply not use them.

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T. Sean Weintz

Netscreen 5GTs do it, 10 IP box lists @ US$570, unlimited IP lists @ US$900.

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Mark S

On 15 Nov 2004 19:11:20 -0800, R Gardner blurted:

Find an old Lucent Brick - they work at layer 2

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