Sygate Personal Firewall - Keep using it?

I'm still using Sygate (v5.6 build 2808). AFAIK it's working ok, but it doesn't get very good points at

Secunia also mentions 3 unpatched Security Patches:

There's a solution for 2 of those, but I'm not sure how to set it up in Advanced Rules.

| Change your firewall rules to block all udp traffic, inclusive trafik | with source port 137 and 138.

I know how to block /all/ UDP (incoming and outgoing) in Advanced Rules, but which ports (Remote? Local?) ? Why are 137 and 138 explicitly mentioned?

| Explicitly block addresses manually in advance rules | section. Also you should verify that your perimeter filters block such | spoofed traffic.

The advisory says "this shouldn't be possible from remote as all gateway routers and firewalls should filter traffic that is obviously spoofed". I'm behind a router with a built-in firewall and NAT, so I should be safe?

Can I fix this or should I just switch to another freeware firewall?

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You ignore it because the machine is setting behind a router and those ports are closed by default to Internet traffic concerning those ports.

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You want to know what 138 is used for, then use Google and look it up.

All this you are concerned with only applies if the machine was not setting behind the router with the machine having a direct connection to the modem, and therefore, the machine would have a direct connection to the Internet. It's not the case, because the router is sitting there in front of the machine.

The whole thing is moot, because the machine is setting behind a router.

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