Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall 4.3 prevents shares access

On a two-computer wireless LAN the client can access server shares when SKPF is not running. On the server a client record has been added in SKPF Network Security Trusted Area Zone definition Address type "Computer." This does not allow the client to access server shares ("... The network path was not found. ...")

When the Address type is changed to "IP address / mask" the client can access server shares. However, this capability went away when the client was restarted; the client IP address did not change. Running SKPF on the client, or not, has no effect on the problem.

New to SKPF, what am I doing wrong?


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J David Ellis
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Not asking in the Kerio support forum at

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Maybe running SKPF for no obvious reason.

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B. Nice

Thank you, Mike. Just what i needed.

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