Sonicwall Content Filter Blocks Mapquest

Just thought I would post this. I have the CFS installed on a Pro

3060 and all of a sudden would not appear correctly- images would not load and buttons did not appear and it basically made it unusable.

Turns out that the CFS was blocking the location of the images. What's really strange though- is that it was blocking it because of the 4th category of Pornography.

Anyway. Just thought I would share: need to add to your custom url list and then all is good. Just confusing for a while.

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well these pictures are fairly skin colored :-)

plus with streets like

4 Results for cunt street, nyc, ny, US 4 Results for dick street, nyc, ny, US 4 Results for asf street, nyc, ny, US look at that, turns out you always get four (incorrect) results in 1. Nyack, NY, US 2. Nassau, NY, US 3. Nissequogue, NY, US 4. Noyack, NY, US

(ok, enough of that nonsense...)

you should definitely report this to sonicwall. for instance here:

formatting link

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