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Since adding Shoutcast to our radio station, workplace listneing has gone way up. Because our Shoutcast servers, unlike Live 365, are not in any filtering lists, more poeple can tune in from work, and they are.

Since switching to Christmas music (which we do in November and December when not doing live programming), we have seen workplace listening outright take off. This includes a number of fortune 500 companies. Becuase filtering programns like WebWasher, Bess, Sentian, SurfControl, CyBlock, and WebSense do not have us in their filtering lists, people can tune in.

None of our servers are in any major filtering vendors' lists, so listeners can tune in at the office, ad they do.

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SHOUTcast has been around for over 10 years now. How did you discover Usenet so early on in your illustrious, adventurous career? Let me guess, Google Groups. You might want to try out this new application I heard of. I think it's called Mosaic. You can't run archie searches from it directly but it will recognize FTP, gopher, and telnet URIs.


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