pppoe, dial up, and wifi? routing with winroute firewall...


I'm trying to set up routing on my local LAN.

Ok, the situation as now is:

comp A: Using winroute firewall 6. connected to local LAN and a wifi network. Also using rasppoe through wifi to access internet.

comp B: connected to local LAN and using dial-up for internet.

comp C,D,E: connected to local LAN

I'd like all comps to be able to access the wifi net and also use the pppoe for internet access. Also I need to be able to sometimes use the dial-up instead of pppoe on comp B.

I also want to bind multiple IP addresses on the wifi card (one for each local client).

Now, how would I go about building rules for winroute to do all that?

Comp A,B, using w2k, others mostly XP and 9x... All static IP's, except for dial-up.


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