Network neighbourhood browsing between VPN'ed locations?

Hi there,

Looking for a way to enable neighbourhood browsing (netbios broadcasting) between two different sites over a checkpoint safe@office 110 vpn connection. Name resolution/sharing is not an issue here as being successfully performed by a pdc w2k running a wins server (lmhosts)

any tips most welcome, tia+brgds

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If clients on both ends of the VPN are using the same WINS server (or WINS servers configured as replication partners), you should be able to browse. Some routers can be configured to pass NetBIOS broadcasts, you'd have to check your routers documentation.


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Oh yeah, NetBIOS broadcasts use the subnet broadcast address, so even if you could pass broadcasts, the announcements won't be accepted by devices on a different subnet (or even with a different subnet mask, because the broadcast address will be wrong). To prove this, hook up 2 computers with a switch or crossover cable, give one an IP address of mask and the other an IP address of but mask The two computers will still be able to ping each other, you can connect to shares using the IP address, but they won't see each other in My Network Places. Give them both the same subnet mask and reboot and they will be there in MY Net Places. This is exactly what WINS is for.


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