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Have you ever had the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) located some where in an offshore location? Concerned about your online privacy? Or maybe you have a need for a country specific ip address for your games, tv shows, gambling clients, or any other reason. The good news is that International Alliance Privacy Services has now opened 8 offshore countries that we offer Virtual Private Networks (VPN) from.

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No matter what country you currently reside in, we can get you the needed ip address you require. Our VPN service is located in the following countries:

United States United Kingdom Canada Germany The Netherlands Czech Republic Hong Kong

This means that you can have an ip address from us, from any of these countries. If you are a game player, this is an ideal solution for you if you are restricted by ip address from playing on certain servers. If you are more into tv shows, such as Zattoo, BBC, ITV, Channel 4 on Demand, then our United Kingdom VPN service is what you are looking for. If you like watching Hulu up in Canada, then our Canadian VPN service is for you.

Some of you may be interested in additional online security and a bit more privacy. Our VPN locations can provide that privacy for you by completely protecting your real identity and location. While connected to any of our VPN locations, you genuinely appear to be from the country you are connected to and every one on the internet will see only the ip address of the server, never yours. You can't be hacked if your real ip address is never seen!

How about speed you ask? Each server has a delivery connection speed of 100 MBPS. This is much faster than the average home internet connection via dsl, cable, or satellite.

We invite you to join our forum community as well at:

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where you will be able to interact with our other community members, see their feedback, ask your questions, get security advice, participate in our lively debates, and share your knowledge with the rest of our community.

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