My address is banned, how to unban.

Does a Nuke-PHP website collect IP address of everyone who post stuff here? Does the administrator see people's IP address very easily? If the IP address of a local library PC terminal is: and banned, so will: etc...?

I'd tried re-signup for two accounts with no success and wondering if the administrator has banned this library. I get a message, "you cannot access server." Do they see our IP address everytime?

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Do you mean like

Go here

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click the links in the Test column to see what can be obtained.

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Bit Twister

Any web server can push back IP DNS info and my php Nuke site does some geographic stuff as well even though it is not as accurate as it seems. So if you are coming from a hide Nated address then yes any computer in the library will be banned go to a different location.


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They can tell you the color of your eyes - well, not that much info, but almost!!

Tom J

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