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Sorry if this an old question, just found the group.

My Kerio (2.1.5) shield ran with a blinking green downward pointing arrow for months. Recently it is showing a red blinking arrow pointing up. I know how to make the arrow not show but am concerned as to why the display changed. When I look at "opened connections at localhost" I see three items in pink and the one with a lot of activity is "ANTIVIRPERSONAEDITION CLASSIC\\AVGUARD.EXE" which is my anti-virus.

Is that red arrow anything to worry about? (I have scanned with antivir, SP S&D, and AdAware.


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This is normal for antivir,just be sured you havent blocked antivir guard in the firewall. The green arrow shows allowed traffic in or out from your pc (direction of arrow)the red arrow is blocked traffic.Antivir guard uses tcp connection at localhost.This is normal....heres antivir>help>faq>tips....

............................. My firewall reports AntiVir Guard immediately after activation.

Cause: Communication with AntiVir Guard occurs via the TCP/IP Internet protocol. A firewall monitors all connections via this protocol.

Define a general approval for AntiVir Guard.

AntiVir Guard only works with the address (local host). An Internet connection is not established.



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