Issue with Checkpoint Firewall

Hi Firewall admins,

Am struck with a strange issue with my Checkpoint firewall. My firewall is running on a Solaris 9 box (280R) with Checkpoint NG with AI (R54). Last week server went down and found to be RAM issue. After the inter-change of RAM banks server came up and everything seems to be fine till i pushed the policy.

Policy doesnt gets compiled and it gives me a error as

"Installation Failed"

Reason : SIC General failure ( SIC Error NO. 148)

Would appreciate any help on this.


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From the KB:

Solution This error means a timeout has occurred during the SIC process.


1) Check connectivity between Management Server and enforcement point

2) Run "fw unloadlocal" on the enforcement point to unload policy

3) Test SIC again

Note: If it works then the problem lies with the Policy and not with SIC.

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Check the date and time on both machines. If they are too far apart SIC fails since it is ssl certificate based and timing is critical here.


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Konstantinos Agouros

Checked out this from SK and tried out. But it doesnt helps out. Any other options ??


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Both reside in a single box.

Any other clues ??


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What happens when you try to test SIC from the SmartCenter interface?


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