intrusion ?

Hi I think someone is trying to access my router from the net. my log shows the following incoming connection:

prot remote ip rem port local ip local prt

tcp http 80 1077

There are at least 50 attempts over 5 minutes

There is out going trafic from my pc to the same ip but none from the router.

what do you think.? a ip lookup comes back negetive


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This doesn't A site you use?


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Jason Edwards

So, what person on your net it trying to connect to a web server on (Actually, it looks like some web forum.) Is your host infected, or are you just trying to autoload some site?


It could be that your router is mis-configured, but any time you see traffic from a "high" port (over 1025) to a "low" port on a remote site, the odds that the traffic did NOT originate on your host are about the same as finding that your neighbor is actually an extra-terrestrial - it's possible, but EXTREMELY unlikely.

[compton ~]$ whois [] NetRange: - OrgName: Liquid Web OrgID: LQWB Address: 4210 Creyts Rd. City: Lansing StateProv: MI PostalCode: 48917 Country: US [snip] [compton ~]$ rwhois %rwhois V-1.5:003eff:00 (by Network Solutions, Inc. V- network:Class-Name:network network:ID:NETBLK-UFOHOSTING. network:Auth-Area: network:Network-Name:UFOHOSTING- network:IP-Network: network:IP-Network-Block: network:Organization;I:UFOHOSTING network:Org-Name:ufo hosting network:Street-Address:116 paterson street birkenhead network:City:merseyside network:State:wirral mer network:Postal-Code:ch414bj network:Country-Code:UK network:Tech-Contact;I: network:Abuse: network:Created:20050503 network:Updated:20050503 network:Updated-By:

I'm told that using a 'hotmail' address for business is a violation of hotmail's Acceptable Use Policy. It's rather interesting that the domain information only reached the referral server today.

Old guy

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Moe Trin

IP belongs to Liquid Web. Installed anything from their site recently?

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