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Are there any free tools for analyzing Zone Alarm's log files available? I've already tried VisualZone, but I'd also want to have it resolve (resolvable) IPs, as well as be able to analyze all (i.e. not just one day's) available logs at a time. Something like Wallwatcher's Wallreviewer, but for ZoneAlarm...

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Maybe you noticed this already, but Zone Alarm has a built-in analyzer, under Alerts and logs >> Log viewer

There are columns for source/dest IP and source/dest DNS. There's a "More Info" button that takes you to ZoneLabs' web site for details of an entry. It does have a limitation of 999 entries showing, but for me this is about 4 days.

I used to use the analyser from

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It's good, but it isn't free, and Zone Alarm's built-in features are enough for me.

(I have ZA version 3.7 [ancient].)

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Of course I know about that, but that's not good enough. I want to have statistical analysis (maybe with graphs; Wallwatcher does it), plus of course the possibility of choosing any date (or interval) for viewing/analyzing.

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