Endian Firewall Issues

Hi, Please excuse my long list of queries and mail. We are trying to evaluate Endian for a reasonable sized network as follows:

External l-------Mailserver LL access


2Mbps Red Green l--------ftp server Ext_IP

For Green side dhcp domain, proxy (smtp and web) is running. We have one internal DNS (Green side) named server inside our network after Green. EFW is the latest rc8 and machine is with 2 GB RAM and 80GB SCSI. Now if we have 1000+ users behind the firewall then:

  1. What is the optimum size of Cache should be configured (RAM and HDD)?
  2. When we configure EFW then initially there are more than 90% misses, so how to build the cache for DNS quickly if it is cahing DNS (through dns masquerade)?
  3. Suppose we configure EFW proxy this evening next morning looks like it gets flushed automatically? Is there any configuration way by which it does not happen?
  4. At present if we wish to access EFW then only way to do it through web interface. If I need to do ssh to any of the internl machines then I will have to port forward for ssh. Is there anyway by which we can ssh to Green side of EFW and then from CLI there we can ssh to other machines (we tried through web interface for port forwarding rules but it does not permit port forwarding at the Green interface)?
  5. Can we do any load balancing through multiple RED interfaces?
  6. Can we configure multiple GREEN interfaces? Thanks in advance


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