Double Encryption!!!

I just found out how one can DOUBLE encrypted any connection. Seems that someone was listening to my radio station and was in one chat room, who told me how she does it. She makes a VPN connection to her home machine, then uses an encrypted anonymity service, in Holland, that adds an extra layer of encryption on top of that, creating two layers of encryption. She is a freelance reporter, and has decided not to obey the U.S. visa requirement that all foreign journalists (including freelance ones), get a J-visa, instead of a normal tourist visa. And by using this encrypted system, she can send her reports back to whatever newspaper or magazine she is freelancing for, and the United States Government will NEVER know what she is up to. With the two combined encryption schemes, Homeland Security would not be able to eavesdrop on what she is doing. So she can do news gathering, as a freelancer, in the United States, with the United States government ever getting wise to WHAT she is up to. And this encrypted service only costs US$24 per quarter. In short, she has a connection that cannot be monitored, analysed, cracked, or sniffed.

She does not think that freelance journalists shuold have to get journalist visas in any country, so she uses that encrypted connection so the local authroties will never know what she is up to.

I was IMPPRESSED and plan to use that when I go to China to cover the Olympics next month, and do a few sessions of my talk show when I am there. I will be able to use Skype, to take incoming calls(Skype is VERRBOTEN in China) , and there is no POSSIBLE way the Chinese authorities will be able to know what I am up to, with the double-layer of encryption. I would like to see the Chinese authorities try and break THAT. I will effectively be using an ubreakable encryption system that Chinese authorities will not be able to monitor.

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When did this start? An entrepreneur friend does business with a Chinese supplier and uses Skype to chat with the sales girl, not entirely all business either.

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Wowsers there radio station freako. That is FANTASTIC!

Now what if your use of strong ENCRYPTION is detected and leads them to you anyway and they jail you just on suspicion of wrongdoing without being able to see what youre are doing specifically? It is not WISE to break LAWS in foreign countries.

By the way your amazing discovery of encryption is OT for this group.

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Todd H.

How can you be certain of that? Or perhaps they just chose not to go after you in lieu of other things?

Those are tall claims. Prove it. (hint: you can't)

But you're missing a larger point as usual.

While encryption is a fine way to try to hide your activities and it can be very effective at doing so or at least making the effort involved rather tall, you shouldn't kid yourself--encryption can also be a great way to attract attention. It doesn't take a genius to identify an encrypted data stream. It's quite easy and there automated tools to do so.

So, don't be foolish enough to make the Yankee mistake of assuming the laws and justice system is the same when your butt is in a foreign country as it is when yer here.

For instance, if use of encryption itself is illegal, they don't need to know what's going on in your encrypted tunnel to haul you in. I'll leave the investigation on the laws of encryption use in China as an exercise to the reader.

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Todd H.

George Orwell wrote in news:

Another terribly foolish statement. One is ALWAYS subject to the laws of the land in which they are at the moment. If you do something that is illegal in the country you commited the act in, it matters not if the servers are elsewhere.

So, you know nothing about cryptography, nor the law.


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Anonymous wrote in news:20080709080202.41EEB1A78F2@isole:

No she doesn't. If you knew anything about cryptography you would know better.

I know better, and I'm just a rank amateur who's read a few books on cryptography.

I won't comment on the other implications of your post.


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