D-Link 624 - Cannot Stealth Port 445

ShieldsUp tells me my new router (D-Link 624) is showing port 445 "closed". I had the same problem with port 113 and followed the instructions (shown below) from the router's manual. However, using the same scheme for port 445 still shows it closed instead of stealth. Has anyone got a fix for this?

When doing a port scan most D-Link routers will show port 113 as

closed rather >than stealth. To stealth port 113:

>Step 1 Log into the configuration of the D-Link router and select the Virtual >Server. > >Step 2 Open port 113 to an IP address not on the network (i.e
>Note: If you open up port 113 to an IP address in the DHCP scope it

will actual >open the port rather than stealth it.

>Step 3 Save the changes and port 113 will now show stealth.
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I used your instruction below, to fix the same problem with ports 113 and 80 as jMon54 has with port 445

I would be very interested to know why this procedure works, as I am new to routers and networks and I am trying to learn all I can.

In my case I created a virtual server for private and public port 113, IP address and set it to Enabled.

When I checked I found that both ports 113 and 80 which were only closed before and not stealthed, are now both stealthed.

If I set the same virtual server to Disabled, ports 113 and 80 revert back to just closed and not Stealthed.

I am using a D-Link DI-604 and not a 624, but I doubt it makes any difference in this case since I did get the result I was looking for, which is stealthed ports.

I thank you for any information you can supply.

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Answering my own question in case others can use this info... the reason I could not stealth port 445 on my D-Link 624 wireless router is because my ISP is blocking it.

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