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I just added a new subscription service to my the web site for my online radio station which allows me to drill down and get more detail that even corporate network admins. It seems that some people accessing my web site do not listen when I suggest using Tor. I see hits to my site from corporate networks all over the world. Of course, my web site is not blacklisted. While the live 365 feed comes up in the blacklists of filter vendors, such as WebSense or Sufcontrol, my web site itself is currently not blacklisted I am surprised that people surfing from work would not take the precuation of hiding their tracks with anonymising services, such as Tor, and leaving the tracks of thier surfing available for network admins to know where they went. Among those I have seen include someone from city hall in a small town in the Czech Republic who has been to my site several times today already. Whoever it was, was surfing my site through he workday there, until around 5PM local time there, as there were numerous hits one IP at city hall at Usti Lad Nabem in the Czech Republic. With StatCounter, I have more details on this person's visit to my site than even his local network admin does. I dont think his network admin has any record of what browser and operating system was used, nor what screen resolution the page was viewed it, or what links on the page were being viewed. Statcounter gives more details than even their corporate admins have. It tells me what browser and operating system they are using, and even what screen resolution was being used. What I wonder is why there is such an increase in the use of Firefox over Internet Explorer. There are a lot of sites, especially a lot of online radio sites, that will not work with Firefox. Why would they want to use a browser that may be incompatable with a lot of sites in the Net? This one has me perplexed.

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Can you say 'less vulnerable'? Or at the very least 'less targeted'.

So fix your site. And quit spamming your crap posts. No one wants to hear it but you.

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Simple: Abusing MSIE as a webbrowser is an input control error by the user. The more people fall into the obvious traps, the more the cease making the same mistake again. There's also an increase of people telling them what they're doing wrong.

Ehm... don't you mean: Why would the want to use websites that may be incompatible with a lot of browsers?

After all, what alternatives to Firefox/Mozilla exist? Opera? Konqueror? Safari? Links2? w3m? I'd say Firefox is the most used webbrowser, it almost fully adheres to the W3C specs - and if you can't get your website W3 conformant, then you have a serious problem.

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