changing ZA firewall & modem NAT settings

My sons wants to play a computergame via a game server at, which is fine by me.

Up to now we have not been able to connect to the game server, which has probably to do with my poor system management capabilities.

I have to open ports 41.000 till 43.000 and have to allow both TCP and UDP traffic

I'm using the following configuration

[a] ADSL line to my ISP [b] Thomson/Alcatel ADSL modem at address [c] static routing table with to following entries pppoa eth0 eth0 default pppoa any pppoa any pppoa any eth0 any eth0 any eth0 any loop any eth0 any eth0 any* eth0 default any* eth0

[d] a network with two PC's. The IP-adresses of which are assigned by the DCHP of the ADSL modem

[e] Each PC has its own ZAPRO firewall for additional security


Can you please explain what I have to change in the ZAPRO fw and the IP routing table to allow traffic from and to the game server?

many thanks


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