Blocking Warez P2P

I'm looking for the port ranges for the WAREZ P2P client so I can disable them up/down.

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David Gabriel
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David Gabriel

drop TCP 6345 6349

BUT.... this won't solve your problem. It does however help you in the sense that whoever is P2P'ing after that is clearly breaking your `zero tolerance` traffic rule. (You need to have one)

Why ?

Todays P2P clients will do anything to reach the net, it will even leave the network over port 80 if it can't make a connection to the internet, how rude :)

While i know the benifit of proxy's, i refuse to implant one just to stop P2P traffic. (Unless you have a $$$ layer 7 appliance firewall with an IDS module in it) I suggest you inform (crack some skulls) the people on your lan not to use P2P on the LAN if they know whats good for them :)

(You can spot P2P pretty well with snort

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