Any help would be greatly appreicated on VPN connection problem with D-Link DFL-300...

Okay I'm new into this VPN stuff so please excuse my lack of the correct terminology. I am okay at other types of networking and hardware. I have recently bought (2) D-Link DFL-300 VPN/FW/Router because I wanted to hook up a simple VPN connection with some security to my brothers home network. He has Charter High Speed Internet and I have Comcast High Speed Internet. The D-Link instructions provided on their website makes it sound so easy to just simply plug up and do some easy setup. The instrucations are at

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Looks simple and sounds simple but I know their is more to that than meets the eye. We both have dynamic IP addresses but our IP's hardly change. I can't recall the last time our IP's changed. Of course D-Link's support stinks as usual, no body ever knows what they are saying or doing. I called about this DFL-300 and as soon as I gave the model they gathered all my information and said someobody will contact in 3 days. It's been 1 week and nobody has called yet. Back to the issues now. Everything is or seems configured correctly everything on the first DFL-300 works fine. That one is at my brothers home network. The other DFL-300 is at my smalll home network. Everything works fine on the LAN side for both of us. The only issue is the VPN will not connect for the life of god. I've followed the instructions and still no luck. Has any of you ever got the VPN with this DFL-300 working on dynamic IP addresses. If so whats the secret on getting them to work. I've talked to both Charter and Comcast they both claim that they do not block any ports and VPN is not restricted at all. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks ahead.


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