Re: single mode fibre problem

I have a 18 km link of single mode pirelli fibre. over the last 6 > months I

> have lost approx 3 dbm over the length. I am running a harmonic > lightwave > laser with diital transport streams. > While testing the link with an OTDR the trace shows a lot more > attenuation > than 4 years ago. It used to be on average 0.45 db/km but now its > 0.65. > The trace shows a normal launch but a steeper slope ( more > attenuation) and > a very noisy trace even when done from both ends as though there were a > laser souce on the opposite end to my OTDR. I checked the splice joints > and > they were waterlogged possibly from day one. > The local expert said that the fibre is porous and will absorb water, > or > any polutants in the water washed in off the road could have a > chemical > reaction with the fibre and change its chemical structure. he also said > that > as the cladding may have deteriorated then licght from an adjacent > fibre in > the same tube would crossover to my fibre. > is any of it true as he has recommended replacing the entire 18 km > Abraham

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