Optical fiber connectors in DWDM

Hello, I'm writing thesis of monitoring system in optical network. I need information about prefered optical fiber connectors in DWDM platforms? Thaks for response and help. Best regards Trauman

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Can you tell me the specifications? The connectors depends on your DWDM module. There are so many connectors in optical fiber telecommunication area.. like SC,FC,ST,LC,MTRJ,MU,SMA,E2000,D4,etc..

Hope this will help you.

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My DWDM platforms are: Siemens SURPASS hiT 7500 and Alcatel 1686 WM. I know that connectors could be diferent for diferent modules. But is there some prefered to DWDM platform (siemens or alcatel)?

Thanks for help anyway... ;>

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You will get the least loss from an angled connector. My personal preference is the FC connector. The connector type will affect performance the same way whether it is a single channel or multiple channels. It is more a question of how much loss can you tolerate, what operating environment you are in and how easy you want the connections to be. Cost and space may also be a factor.

P. Danek

trauman wrote:

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well I'd not bee too confident of that... with an angled connector when you mate them there is a natural tendency for the connectors to try and push each other off centre due to the angle.. of course you use a tighter tolerance sleeve with APC's to minimise this effect but in general you should achieve lower loss with a PC (or variant) than with an APC, In general manufacturers will tend to spec APC connectors as higher loss compared with good PC (perhaps only 0.1dB though)

I tend to use and spec. FC/APC for 90% of our designs, but in most cases this is for the lower backreflection

With todays high power WDM systems back reflection is a critical issue, especially if Raman amplification is being used. Certainly loss and repeatability are important, and in that case SC and LC probably perform better than FC, where you can occasionally get an overenthusiastic technician over tightening the connector, which can significantly increase loss of FC/APC connectors.. a problem avoided with the push fits

As you note cost and space is certainly an issue and LC looks to be making significant in roads in this area.. next time we'll be putting out a system in the field I'll be looking seriously at LC/APC... but this is a sensing application rather than WDM, and has slightly different requirements.

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