Newbie question about Siemens K2701 and singlemode cable


I have Siemens K2701 optical power meter (without manual) which states on its back that wavelenghts it works on are 850/1300/1310/1550 nm. Can this device do measuring on singlemode cables?


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Well, I was a Newbie less than a year ago, so I'll pass on what I've gleaned since. I've hauled a small singlemode campus network into working for $cheap since I started, so I might have learned a few things successfully.

I don't know that meter, and Siemens appears not to be proud of it, as you've no doubt already found (no online specs/manual in a short search. Probably more like "they want to accelerate obsolescence, but anyway...)

If it's a power meter only, probably "yes" based on what I've been told, and seen, with a different brand of meter.

BUT: You will need a single-mode optical source in the same wavelength(s) as the system you are trying to measure/qualify or whatever you are actually trying to accomplish. Depending on "for whom" and "to what standards" you might also need to have both the meter and the source calibrated (quite possibly costing more money than you paid for a used meter with no manual.)

You'll also need appropriate single-mode patch cables to connect from source to cable and from cable to meter (and also "directly to each other" to eliminate their contribution as an initial calibration.) The ends you connect to the cables are moved from cable to cable, but the ends connected to the source and meter should remain connected to those instruments throughout a measuring session, as they are much more variable than coupling most connectors.

If you have a meter and power source in one package, it only works on single-mode if the source is suitable for single-mode (ie, laser, not LED, typically) - BUT: you can use a separate single-mode source, and the meter part works just fine. I'm actually doing that, with wildly out of date calibrations, since I can't afford expensive calibration services and need only functional internal documentation, rather than "traceable standardized documentation" to provide to someone else.

The effect of using a multi-mode source on single-mode fiber is much as you might expect - very little power gets into the fiber to begin with, as seen with a looped-back jumper cable before I got the correct (if

11-12 years overdue for recalibration to be "official") single-mode source.

What are you trying to do, more broadly?

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