Fiber for high powered pulse applications


I am looking for a source for either large core multimode fibers or large core fiber bundles capable of handling 100mJ pulsed energy (5ns pulse width) @30Hz in the near infrared @1600nm.

The best fiber I can find so far is a multimode fiber with a damage threshold of 1GW/cm^2 and a 1 micron core size. If my math is correct then at this fiber size a damage threshold of at least 2.5GW/cm^2 is needed.

there are a few options

1) Find a supplier with 1.5 - 2 um fiber cores with high damage thresholds. (not the best option because we are hoping for a reasonalbe amount of flexibilty in the fiber)

2) Find a smaller core fiber cable with an extremely high damage threshold.

3) Find a 2-3mm fiber bundle that can handle this amount of power without destorying the epoxy resin used in the bundle.

Is there anyone out there that can recommend a solution to this problem? Perhaps a company that specializes in high power applications, or a certain type of fiber to consider? I have been unable to find one thus far.



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Jeff S
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Something like

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fill your bill. Talk to the crystal-fibre folks about the specific damage thresholds. There's a white paper on their site referencing damage thresholds but it's for a slightly different fiber. You might find something workable with these folks.

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I think the hollow core fiber or the hollow core Photonic crystal fiber is the right choose

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