Attenuation factor


I am trying to calculate the attenuation factor of a symmetrical waveguide. To determine the attenuation factor, I need to calculate the free space propagation factor. The wavelength in the travel medium is available to me, so I can calculate the propagation factor k; however, to determine the free space propagation from the result just obtained I am not sure whether I have to divide the propagation factor by n1 or n2. I think it should be n2 because the evanescent field does not propagate in the film, but in the outer layers with a refractive index of n2. The refractive index n1 belongs to the film.

So, here is my question in summary:

free space propagation factor = propagation factor/ n1 or

propagation factor/n2

Please help.

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You may find that people view this as a homework question and are then reluctant to answer.

But here's a clue, neither of you answers above is correct.



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