Low Price Guarantee DS3, OC3, GigE

Besides recurring specials for T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, MPLS, and GigE from multiple providers (over 20 Tier 1 sources)....we also offer a low price guarantee. Simply identify your requirements and location.....providing the details here:

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[note: Please provide complete, detailed, and accurate information. Incomplete or bogus RFQs will be ignored.]

You'll automatically receive instant initial real time rate quote info via email (1st cut preliminary assessment)....comparing multiple providers available for the specific location designated (sorry, US locations only). We'll follow that up with more unbiased detailed research and solution analysis based on your comments.

We'll be in immediate contact to discuss the details of your network application needs, confirm the best pricing from providers available at your install location(s), and assist with the acquisition process. We'll negotiate on your behalf, do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with your chosen vendor for the life of the contract.

Our services are free....and we guarantee our efforts. We'll find the best Top Tier solution for your project/application.....whatever it is.

Also.....we have immediate openings for Master Agents for dedicated bandwidth solutions (the entire arena of T1, DS3, OCx, gigabit ethernet, VPN, MPLS, Co-located Servers, and so on). You'll find more information here:

http ;//ds3-bandwidth.com/master_info.php

God Bless, Michael Lemm FreedomFire Communications "Helping YOUR Business....DO Business"

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Who is this spammer, and how can we report him for net abuse ?

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Justa Lurker

He is someone that claims to have DS3's etc but still posts through google. That old saying about the cobbler's kids comes to mind.

To report him expand the header of his article and look for the abuse address. Then send the article WITH THOSE FULL HEADERS to the google groups abuse address. Google is pretty good at nuking folks that make a habit of spamming. It helps to include a search URL for google-groups showing that similar spams have been sent to other groups.

In his case google found 102 messages. I just clicked on the first few, but the all look pretty spammish.

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