Very Basic Ethernet Question

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Which is better (faster) for me to use:

  1. The ethernet setup from the cable company attached to USB ?

  1. Connection from cable to my onboard ethernet card ?

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IMO, if you've got a modern, fast, computer and a USB 2 connection, you'll barely notice the difference. That being said, I prefer Ethernet whenever possible.

In theory, I guess the fastest WiFi setup might be limited by the speed of USB2, but I've never seen it.

If the WiFi signal is marginal, you can do *much* better by using a USB WiFi adapter at the end of a long USB cable, for better antenna location. I just did this for someone. A 20 ft USB cable let me get the antenna close to the door of his kid's room so the kid could share the family broadband connection on his first computer, for Christmas.

IOW, It depends.

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