superstack 3 3250 switches randomly rebooting

we have a problem with 3com 48 port superstack 3 3250 switches randomly resetting. Its happening all over the place and 3com are refusing to acknowledge a problem. A good illustration is: in a cabinet we have

3x3250s and 1x superstack 3 3226

the main network comes in on a fibre connected to a gigabit port & an adapter. the switches are chained using utp on the gb ports

if the cabinet is configured thus: fibre > 3226 > 3250 > 3250 > 3250

the first (and only the first) 3250 randomly reboots

if the cabinet is configured:

fibre > 3250 > 3250 > 3250 > 3226

we have the same problem. the first 3250 randomly reboots. it doesnt seem to matter which 3250 is which.

in other smaller cabinets with only one or two switches we've temporarily fixed the problem by replacing the 3250 with a 24 port 3226 and having the inputs spread around. this seems to run ok.

any ideas on whats going on or experienced anything like this



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What ver of software are they on Andy ?

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cisco has a good trackrecord.

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