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We are studying a solution based on a network tap.

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I'm not a network expert but I need to understand the implications of using such device.

I'm familiar with layer 3+, but this kind of device addresses problems with lower layers and I hope you can help with.

For example:

  • Marketing material claims "eliminating packet delay and loss as potential security issues".

-> Implies that Taps of other kind can introduce delay. But such device looks so basic to me that I can hardly imagine it can introduce latency or packet drop. Could it ?

  • This device supports 10/100 MB.

-> Why cannot it support 1GB ?

  • Redundant power supply ?

-> Why is power required ? What wrong can happen if there is a power failure ?

  • There is some electronic in the box and probably firmware / software.

-> What does it do ? I thaught it was just hardware.

Thanks for patience :-)

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What is the task? :-)

If they compare it to devices that terminate the link and "hub" the signals, sure.

Passively monitoring 1000BaseT requires far more sophistication than just terminate the link due to the analogue training techniques employed. Similar as trying to listen to a modem in between as compared to a DS0.

Well it has to connect to your data-logger. And it is extremly difficult to do so without power.

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Manfred Kwiatkowski


Thanks for your answers already.

You know these kind of products that sniff traffic (HTTP) and make reports of problems, performance problems, user activity, etc ?

Can you name one for me to get an idea of what you describe ?


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I would go with a monitor port on the switch.

E.g. my old Shomiti Century Tap.

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