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Can anyone point me to a home (sub-$100) router that has a working SNMP implementation or some other method to get the number of bits that have traversed the WAN interface? I have a D-Link DI-604 now, which gives packets for some unfathomable reason... :-) Absolutely useless, but try telling them that :-)

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John Oliver
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You can get a managed switch on ebay. Look at the HP procurve models. Check the specs on HP.com. Some of the low end models didn't have management. Easy to use, just put the IP # of the switch into a browswer and you'll see all the ports on the switch.

Procurve has a lifetime warrentee so it's hard to go wrong.

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Al Dykes

If you are up for it... Some (all?) of the Linksys home routers are loaded with linux. There are hacks that let you get control of the linux interface. Once you have done that you can install/configure snmp.

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