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Hi All: I have a VRRP question for all network experts out there. What happens when a port which is a member of a Vlan goes down in a VRRP environment? Diagram is as follow:

____________________ | | Vlan2 | |port 3 VRRP |port 3 Router1------------Router2 |port 2 |port 2 | | |Vlan1+Vlan2_______|

Router1 is master for all vlans Router2 is slave for all vlans Vlan2 and Vlan3 are configured as two different class C IP subnets with different default gateways. Vlan 2 is configured on both port 2 and port 3 on router1 Port 2 is a vlan trunk which includes vlan1 and vlan2 What happens when port 3 on router1 goes down. -Router2 will assume the mastership becomes the default gateway for Vlan2 -What happens to the gateway of Vlan2 on port 2 of router1 Will it continue to use port 2 of router1 as gateway or it switches to Router2 Thank you for any insight that you can provide.


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you need to clarify - but AFAIR you need to configure VRRP per VLAN per interface.

VRRP then reacts separately on each VLAN

VRRP doesnt work this way - interfaces that are not currently the default gateway are suppressed by seeing the advertise multicast from the current master.

So the current adverts stop coming (as the current master port has gone down), the backup waits for the VRRP timeout, then sets itself up to take over.

1 point - i dont like how "master" priority works in VRRP, and i think you are better off with 2 backups at different priorities. Reason is that the master acts differently in the way it handles MAC addresses (and is the only one that should respond to ping - but that can be overridden on some kit), and the changeover can confuse L2 switches.

think about subnets - which is what matter to VRRP. for this kind of problem, VLANs are just a way to economise on ports :)

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