GigE means 1Gbps or 2Gbps (Rx and Tx together)

It may be a very basic question. But nobody is able to give an answer citing some statndard (I couldn't find a proper answer in IEEE 802.3 also)

My assumption is that it is 2Gbps (Rx, Tx together)

Can somebody help me on this? (Please also mention where I can find the documentation for the same.)

Thanks in advance.


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While Gigabit Ethernet is 1 Gbit/s in each direction under full-duplex (1), I cannot recall any instance of folks calling it a 2 Gbit/s solution.

rick jones

(1) IIRC the IEEE specs mention a half-duplex mode, but finding anything doing half-duplex GbE is quite a feat...

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Rick Jones

All Ethernets are the same in this regard. Read IEEE Standard 802.3 starting with Clause 12 to see the pattern.

In half duplex, there is no ambiguity. Obviously, the bit rate is the specified one, in each direction. But you can only transmit in one direction at a time.

When you move up to full duplex, the "This GMII supports 1000 Mb/s operation through its eight bit wide (octet wide) transmit and receive paths."

Both the transmit and the receive paths provide 1000 Mb/s. And again, consider that half duplex 1000BASE-T exists, and the the signaling (physical layer) of half duplex and full duplex is identical. There should be no major ambiguity here.


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Albert Manfredi

Thanks dude!!!!

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It is 1Gb/s in each direction on a full duplex system.

I presume it was a marketing person who decided to call that a 2Gb/s system.

If you are out driving, and see a sign "speed limit 40 miles/hour". I presume you wouldn't decide that since it is a two way road that you could then drive at 80mi/h, and if you did you wouldn't convince the police or a judge.

-- glen

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