Fiber vs cat6

We are setting up a production room with 6 high capacity laser printers/presses. they will be connecting to an imposition server and the bandwith between the server and laser workstations will be maxing out on a copper connection. We were going to run a fiber connection directly from the swith in the server room so a switch in the printer/press room. Somebody told me that fiber wouldnt be neccessary unless the distance was greater. This is only about 50 ft. If all presses are drawing bandwidth at the same time wouldndt fiber be better?

Any ideas appreciated.


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speeds? Typical for fibre is 1 Gbps, but 10 Gbps is feasible.

Note the backplane inside the switch is much higher bandwidth than an external connection, so if you want high capacity, keep the bottlenecks inside the switch.

So 1 alternative is to run a separate cable per printer back to the main switch?

Each cable should be able to run at 1 Gbps on 4 pair Cat5E (or you can use Cat6 if you want).

And - lots and lots of spare cables for future changes, additions etc....

Notional distance for 1 Gbps is 90m of fixed wiring, or 100m incl the patch leads etc.

If all presses are drawing bandwidth

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