Extreme Summit 200-24 Dropping Ports

Hello Everyone,

I've been having issues on an off with my Summit 200-24. We had replaced our old Cisco outside switch with this Summit switch back in June of last year.. Initially when we had set this up we had the switch dropping our handoff connection due to the amount of Rx Bad CRC errors we were getting (both the switch and our handoff were set to autoneg as we saw issues had setting it. Eventually after troubleshooting the problem, we replaced our cable from our handoff port of the ISP to the switch and everything was fine up until about 2 months ago. We started seeing the same issue again. Working with Extreme on this, they have asked me to upgrade to the latest FW which is 7.5. I'm still seeing errors (about 120 RxBad CRCs per day) but I'm worried that we are still going to see this issue again. Extreme has said that there is no software or hardware issue with the switch. I'm not a network expert but should this switch be acting like this and dropping my connection at all? Wouldn't this indicate a problem with the switch itself? Has anyone see something like this in the past? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm at a loss and about to get a new Cisco switch as I can't deal with this switch being so unstable.

Thanks, Nick

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