extreme summit 400 switch: connecting 2 switches via utp


I'm installing 2 extreme summit 400 switches (48 gigabit ports), and basicly, i want to connect them so they appear as one big switch. (later on, we will work on configuring vlan's and so). As we don't have fiber cables or the special stacking cable, i'm limited to connecting them the oldfashioned way via utp cabling.

my question is: can I just connect port 1 on both switches via a standard utp 5e cable (or a ftp 5e cable) and assume it will work ? are there any major drawbacks in doing it this way ?

I haven't modified the default configuration much, the default vlan's have not been modified, i have only added an ip address to the mgmt vlan.

thanks for your help !


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Hi Tom,

You may wish to investigate Extreme Field Notice: 0013

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