What IOS release permits the COMMENT statement

Read sopmplase that some IOS release allowed the use of a COMMENT statement to increase documentation beyond the Description statement.

Anyone know of such, and at what release it is included?

Thanx I advance Wm king

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William J King
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As far as I know, the comment is "!" You can put anything you want in a config file after a !.

But it is only for off-line programming, once read into the router, all !'s are ignored.

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Are you thiking about the ACL 'remark' config statement?

ip access-list extended block_it_all remark let through DNS permit udp any host eq 53 permit tcp any host eq 53 remark next... ....

I think its 12.3 in general for the remark ACL statement, and backported to some of the other lines (ie. 12.1 switch IOS for certain platforms).

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Doug McIntyre

Note that "remark" statments are not supported in the new line number based ACL editor.

conf t ip access-l e 101 no 15


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