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situation: having 3 locations, [p1] and [p2] periferal [branch office] with cisco805 and [c] central [headq] with cisco1721 all three locations are connected to internet having two vpn tunnels over it, on the way p1-c and p2-c accordingly, location [p1] may talk to central [c] and [p2] to [c], but periferals can't talk to each other, since there is no vpn tunnel spanning them. all three locations have their subnets [10.1.x.x, 10.2.x.x, 10.3.x.x] set.

question: is it possible to configure central router [at c] to "forward" traffic from branch [p1] to branch [p2], thus allowing both periferals to efectively communicate with each other? so idea is to allow that forwarding, instead of creating new direct vpn tunnel between branches [p1] and [p2].

i suppose that is easy to configure branch router [p1] to direct all traffice [both headq and other branch] toward headq interface, but i am afraid problem is in headq router. it needs to receive traffic from one vpn tunnel [from branch p1], and immidiatelly forward it into second vpn tunnel [toward branch p2]

somebody told me that in case of such vpn tunnel forwarding, some packet drop [loss] may occur?

any advice? thnx

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This is a classic topology, called hub & spoke. There are pros and cons...

Anyway, there are resources for this, like this one

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For the loss of packets, no there obviously aren't (anyway no more than any other topology), except maybe if your hub is overloaded (one of the potential cons). But this is not due to the topology itself.


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Sebastien Mazeau

thanks for the encouragement, but after further researching found statement that in & out routed traffic may not occure on the same interface?

yes, functionaly, my topology is hub & spoke, but physicaly, it is implemented as internet being a bus, so i have on each router just two interfaces: 1] dsl for internet , 2] ethernet for lan

please, could you clarify me may i configure spoke-to-spoke traffic over hub when hub has only one in/out interface?


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