VLnas and cisco 871.

Hi all,

what about the use of the VLANS available on the router in the subject? I know DMZ for 830 series with Plus Features Set.

It means that I can use a Switch where it is not possible to configure ports in trunk mode and use the same gateway for the vlans specified in the switch?

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Hello Alex,

the 871 supports VLANs with the Advanced IP Services feature pack... As for the switch that does not support trunking: whatever you connect to one of the 10/100 ports on the switch, will belong to the VLAN configured for that port. To give you an example:

interface FastEthernet1 switchport access vlan 101 ! interface vlan 101 ip address

So, if you have a switch connected to FastEthernet 1 on the 871, and if the switch does not support trunking, all ports on the switch must be configured for VLAN 101... Is that what you are asking ?



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